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Current Coaching Opportunities

"The only person you ever really work on is yourself!" ~ Louise Hay 

Current offerings include enrollment in my 8 week 1-1 coaching container, A Better Way to Education.  I also offer 2 online courses, Unschooling 101 & The Only Way Out is Through: 30 Days to Anxiety Free Living

When people ask what I do I respond with, "I help people transform their lives!"

I work with women who wake up feeling out of balance in their relationship with their children. Their children aren't thriving in the school system and they are looking for a better way. A way in which their children are the leaders in their own education. 

They want to heal and learn to awaken and trust the power of their intuition so they can create a life that feels in full alignment with their souls purpose, guided by love and not fear. 

A Better Way to Education 8 week 1-1 Coaching Container:

You know how as a parent you struggle to see your child not excited about learning? How the fighting everyday to get work done is exhausting for both of you and ruining your relationship?

Imagine instead: Your child creates their own learning and lessons. There is no fighting and pure joy because they are finally allowed to follow their own passions and interests with no time limits or other restrictions.

I have a program called A Better Way to Education

In it, my clients receive and create a new way of parenting and education that strengthens your bond and ignites passion in your child again.

The Set Up:

 In this stage, we focus on getting to the root of the story. We hold up a mirror. We create a plan, to get their child out of school, begin the deschooling process or what steps we need to take next.

 The Work: 

We will work on creating new stories. We connect to the inner child. We release at least one the fears and the pain holding us back.

Vibing with your tribe: 

 We will work on finding a tribe for support, advice and connection. We discover what that looks like and we create steps to making it happen.


Rediscovering your purpose:

We focus on creating 3 milestones that will help you know this was the right path. Maybe it’s seeing your child read for pleasure for the first time, or watching them become immersed passionately in a project.


We are creating an atmosphere of celebration for all milestones, growth and awareness, big and small. This creates a feeling of worthiness and happiness as well as a fun way to connect with our kids.


We also support you in finding ways to celebrate.

What this looks like: 

8 weeks, 4 – 60 min calls every second week.

Marco Polo check ins, 1 heal your life inner child session included in one of the weeks, self care rituals, mediations to follow, journal prompts, a resource guide.

If this sounds like you let's hop a free 30 minute clarity call to see if we are the right fit! 

Are you ready to jump in, invest in yourself and live an amazing life?

Happenings you shouldn't miss in the weeks ahead.